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It's so easy...

Fresh delivers free web content to your web site with our free rss newsfeeds. Have fresh news articles automatically appear on your site throughout the day. No need to register. Just copy-and-paste installation code into your web page(s) and be on your way. Handling your free content needs couldn't be any easier!

Adding the newsfeed to your site

Other Questions?

Simply insert a single line of installation code into the Source Code of any page on your site. VOILA!...Your done.

The installation code you'll need is displayed on each newsfeed category detail page.

Example: If your are looking for the installation code for the 'Free Stuff' newsfeed, you should:

1. Go to the Free Stuff newsfeed detail page: FREE STUFF

2. Scroll down to the "How to add it to your site" headline.

3. There you will find the appropriate installation code:

<script type="text/javascript"

NOTE: the installation code you see above is ONLY for the Free Stuff newsfeed.

4. Highlight the installation code with your mouse.

5. Copy the code (usually Ctrl+C).

6. Open your page with any text editor.

7. Paste the installation code into the Source Code of your page (usually Ctrl+V).

CRITICAL INSTALLATION NOTE: With modern webpage editors, you can usually add elements to your site by simply pasting them onto the page. You CANNOT do that in this case. You need to edit the actual Source Code of your page. Paste the installation code directly into the source code of your page or the newsfeed will not display properly.

8. Save your page.

9. Upload the page to your server.

10. And that's it!