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It's so easy...

Fresh delivers free web content to your web site with our free rss newsfeeds. Have fresh news articles automatically appear on your site throughout the day. No need to register. Just copy-and-paste installation code into your web page(s) and be on your way. Handling your free content needs couldn't be any easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

You don't. Some sites want you to create an account or give them your email address. But with us, all you need to do is grab the code and be on your way.

How do I add headlines to my site?

Just add a single line of javascript to any page and VOILA! Your done. The code you'll need is displayed on each newsfeed category detail page.

Example: If your are looking for the code for the FREE STUFF newsfeed, you should just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the newsfeed detail page here: FREE STUFF

2. Scroll down to the "How to add it to your site" headline.

3. There you will find the appropriate code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

IMPORTANT NOTE: the code you see above is ONLY for the Free Stuff newsfeed.

4. Highlight the code with your mouse.

5. Copy the code (usually Ctrl+C).

6. Open your page with any text editor.

7. Paste the code into the source code of your page (usually Ctrl+V).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot simply paste it onto the page. You need to paste the html directly into the source code (or html code) of your page or this will not work. Find a nerdy friend to help you if you don't know how to edit your source code.

8. Save your page.

9. Upload the page to your server.

10. And you're golden!

Do I need to download an RSS Reader to use the these feeds?

Nope. Just copy-and-paste a single line of html into the source code of your page(s).

How much do the newsfeeds cost?

All of our news feeds are free.

What are the legalities of all this?

1. Fair Use

This free service is no different than the services offered by Google News, Yahoo! News, and others.

In January 2006, a federal district court in Nevada ruled that Google does not violate copyright law when it copies websites, stores the copies, and transmits them to Internet users as part of its Google Cache feature. The ruling clarifies that fair use covers new digital uses of copyrighted materials. Source

What's more, Google and others tell publishers to get bent when they ask to have their content excluded from the database. But our policy is just the opposite. If a publisher wants to be excluded from our service, all they have to do is tell us.

2. Your Responsibility

You are obligated to agree to our Terms and Conditions before installing these newsfeeds on your site.
But to give you an idea of what you WILL be reading, the short story goes a little something like this:
You are eligible to use our feeds even if your site is a commercial, for profit business. Just don't try to sell access to your visitors. You can modify how the links and descriptions look on your site. Just don't modify the links themselves in any way at all.

Use the free service at your own peril. If you decide for any reason that you are unhappy with the free service, your only recourse is to remove the links from your site. Period.

Again, you must carefully read the Terms and Conditions and agree to strictly adhere to them before installing our feeds on your site. And remember: Claiming ignorance might get you out of a jam in Grade School. But in the real world, ignorance is no excuse.

Do you use spyware of adware?

Hell no. Spyware is the scourge of the earth. We will NEVER, EVER use those tactics. You don't ever have to worry about us compromising your users' experience. That's a promise. Like many other sites, we do offer anonymous cookies which you can read more about in our privacy policy.

Customizing your Newsfeed

How do I change the Color of my newsfeed?

In many cases, using <font> tags will not work. It usually only changes the first headline and description. To avoid this problem, place <span> tags around the html for the feed.


The following code will change the color of your newsfeed's text to red.

<span style="color: rgb(204, 0, 0);"><script type="text/javascript"

Find the color code to use for your site with this free HTML Color Converter.

How do I change the font style?

In many cases, using <font> tags will not work. It usually only changes the first headline and description. To avoid this problem, place <span> tags around the html for the feed.


<span style="font-family: times new roman;"><script type="text/javascript"

How do I change the size of the font?

In many cases, using <small> or <big> tags will not work. It usually only changes the first headline and description. To avoid this problem, place <span> tags around the html for the feed.


<span style="font size: 10px;"><script type="text/javascript"

Be sure to set the pixel value to whatever suits your sizing needs: 10px, 12px, or whatever.

Publisher Inclusion/Exclusion

How do I get links to my articles syndicated by Fresh

Sorry, folks. As of May 1, 2007, we no longer accept publisher submissions. But here are other sites that may still be accepting submissions: Google News,,, and Good luck!!!!!

How do I stop having the links to my articles syndicated by Fresh

Hmmm....that's an odd request. But if for any reason you want to exclude your links from being syndicated, just send us notification through our private registration service. We'll remove your links in a jiffy.