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It's so easy...

Fresh delivers free web content to your web site with our free rss newsfeeds. Have fresh news articles automatically appear on your site throughout the day. No need to register. Just copy-and-paste installation code into your web page(s) and be on your way. Handling your free content needs couldn't be any easier!

About Us and our Free Content

We offer free, self-updating headlines that you quickly plug into your site and forget about forever. Our system creates at least three fresh stories every day. So you stop scrambling for quality content. It's all taken care of.

Benefits of using our free content

- Self-updating headlines save you time and energy.
- Instantly add value to your site.
- Visitors come back more often, knowing there's always something new.
- Other sites will want to link to you and your valuable content.
- Even the hokiest-looking Junior High project site gains instant credibility!
- Bottom line: Stale sites dry up and die. Fresh sites destroy.

Our Newsfeeds are better

Easiest to use: No fiddling with RSS readers. No complicated programming. If you can copy-and-paste text, you can install our headlines in 30 seconds or less.

Compatible with all sites: Our headlines are designed to seamlessly drop into any space, on any page. They mimic the stylesheets of your site, making them virtually hassle-free. But if you ever need help tweaking them, just ask.

No program to join: Others want you to sign-up for their program. Some even demand that you "apply". They want your email address and other personal info. At, you can grab the html you'll need without ever contacting us. We'll never even know you were here.

Quality headlines are ensured: We work with only the best news sources: The New York Times, CNET,, BBC, to name a few. And we're always working to improve our content.

More Reliable Freshness: After enduring the hassle of installing an XML or RSS feed, you are forced to depend on a single news source to keep things fresh. The result? You might end up running the same stories all week long. At, we pool the headlines of various sources. So your visitors can count on seeing at least three new stories every day.

Stories open in additional browser: You don't have to worry about sending visitors to another site because every time they click on a headline, the article opens in an additional browser. So your visitors never actually leave your site.

No Spyware or Adware: We certainly do not invade your privacy. Nor do we work with news sources that do.

Importance of Daily Giveaways

Here's an important tip: Adding our "Free Stuff" newsfeed is guaranteed to build visitor loyalty for your site. Like bees to pollen, folks are absolutely drawn to free stuff. And if your visitors knew you had daily freebies, they'd probably be back more often, right? In fact, they just might come back each and every day. And they'll definitely tell their friends. The "Free Stuff" newsfeed is the easiest and most effective way to build visitor loyalty. So don't just plug it in to your site. Promote it aggressively and it will pay you back in spades.